Academic Information

DPS Visakhapatnam

Teaching Methodology

Keeping in mind the fact that for most of the students in our scenario, English is a second language, we at Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant lay emphasis on developing the oral skills of the little ones who seek admission in pre-primary classes. The best way to pick up the language is to follow the natural way, in which one learns his or her mother tongue i.e. to develop the skills in the natural order of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

In higher classes we follow the interactive method. Stress is laid more on "Learn, Learner, Learning" than on "Teach, Teacher,Teaching" for we sincerely believe that it is possible to learn without a teacher but it is not possible to learn without a learner.

We also believe in giving the optimum homework, which the child should be able to do on his/her own.