Academic Information

DPS Visakhapatnam

List of Important Days

1.1st JanuaryNew Year Day
2.12th JanuaryNational Youth Day (Birth Day of Swamy Vivekanand)
3.15th JanuaryArmy Day
4.25th JanuaryNational Tourism Day
5.26th JanuaryRepublic Day
6.28th JanuaryMarty's Day (Mahatma Gandhi's martyrdom Day)
7.18th FebruaryRINL Formation Day
8.26th FebruaryNational Science Day
9.8th MarchWomen's Day
10.1st MayMay Day, Labour's Day
11.2nd Sunday of MayMother's Day
12.5th JuneEnvironment Day
13.21st JuneInternational Yoga Day
14.3rd Sunday of JuneFather's Day
15.1st JulyDoctor's Day
16.15th JulyDPS VSP Formation Day
17.27th JulyParent's Day
18.1st Sunday of AugustFriendship Day
19.15th AugustIndependence Day
20.29th AugustNational Sports Day (Birthday of Major Dhyan Chand)
21.5th SeptemberTeacher's Day
22.14th SeptemberHindi Day (Birthday of Bhartendu Harishchand)
23.2nd OctoberInternational Non-Violence Day (Gandhi Jayanti)
24.24th OctoberUnited Nations Day
25.14th NovemberChildren's Day (Birthday of Jawahar Lal Nehru)
26.10th DecemberWorld Human Rights Day

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