Awards & Rewards Policy

DPS Visakhapatnam

Encouragement Systems

DPS Visakhapatnam believes in encouraging the achievers in all fields by giving prizes and awards. These prizes / awards are given not only in the field of academics but also in sports and co-curricular activities.

  1. Academics:
    1. 100% Attendance - Students who have 100% attendance in the session are presented with trophies.
    2. Class Toppers
      1. III to X: - Students scoring first three positions according to the overall percentage of marks will receive mementos.
      2. XI: - Rank prizes will be given to the students securing first three positions in the class in all three streams seperately.
      3. XII: - The board class toppers in the school will be awarded Chairman’s Trophies.
    3. Subject Toppers - Principal’s Trophies will be given to students who score the highest marks in each subject in school in class XII.
    4. Scholars - Criteria for awarding scholar ties / blazer / medal: In order to encourage the bright students the school awards ‘Scholar Ties’ to the deserving students. The criteria for the same is as follows:
      1. Classes III to V: Students scoring A1 grades in English, II Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Science individually.
      2. Classes VI to X: Students scoring A2 & A1 grades in English, II Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Science individually.
      3. Classes XI & XII: Students scoring B1 grade and above in all subjects individually.
      4. Note: It is mandatory for a student to appear in all HYE and AE to be qualified for Scholar Award.
  2. Sports:
    1. Inter House Track and Field Events:
      The first, second and third place holders are given Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively for each track and field event.
    2. Best Athlete (Boy and Girl):
      The student winning maximum number of prizes in each group as per the following details is adjudged as the best athlete and given a trophy.
      In case of a tie the student winning more number of Golds will be adjudged as the best athlete.
    3. Open Game / Sports Meet:
      Students taking part and winning prizes in these meets are also given awards as per the following table.
      1st or 2ndStateTrack Suit
      1st or 2nd for 3 consecutive yearsStateTrack Suit & Maroon Blazer
      1st, 2nd or 3rdNationalTrack Suit & Maroon Blazer
    4. CBSE Games/Sports Meet:
      The students winning a medal / prize in the National Games / Sports competitions conducted by CBSE will be awarded a TRACK SUIT from the school.
      Note: The school will bear the whole participation expenses of students taking part in the National Games / Sports competitions whether open or conducted by CBSE.
  3. Co-Curricular:
    1. Trophies are given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position winners of the various Inter House and Intra Class competitions held from time to time in the school. The trophies are given at the time of the competition itself.
  4. Best Student:
    1. The best student is selected from each group (III-V), (VI-VIII) and (IX-XII) on the basis of his/her performance in academics, sports, Inter House & Outside Competitions. The marks calculation is done as per the table given below:
      1. Class Toppers201510
      2. Other individual performance1075
      3. Team performance532
      4. Group performance321
      5. 100% attendance10--
  5. Best House:
    1. The best House award is given to the House scoring maximum points in the cocurricular competitions, sports & academics as per the following table.
      1. Individual performance321-
      2. Team performance532-
      3. Group performance2015105
      4. 100% attendance2---
      1. In the above tables, team is for 4 or less participants where as group is more than 4.
      2. Outside competitions are the ones recognized by the school.
      3. Students aspiring for Best Student Award have to apply in the format available in the school’s office.