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Session 2017-18 Schedule for Book Sale etc. 24 March, 2017
DPS goes the SMART WAY on 4 February, 2017

Change is inevitable...
It brings an opportunity
To Focus on building the new
So, Make a Choice to take a Chance
To be the Change that We wish to see in this world.

Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant has yet some glorious moments as it goes the "Smart" way in its Silver Jubilee Year---with the Inauguration of the Exhibition and the Digital Classrooms along with the release of the School Annual Magazine- "Aurora Australis" (Silver Jubilee Edition) by the Chief Guest- Shri Prabir Ray Chaudhury (Director-Commercial)RINL, The Special Guest-Mrs Ratna Ray Chaudhury, Dr S.N.Rao the Pro-Vice Chairman - LMC, Delhi Public School, the LMC Members of the School--Shri S.V.Rambabu, Shri B.B.R.Vardhanam, Mrs N. Bhanu , and the Parent-Teachers Association Secretary-Dr B.V.Ram Satyam and Shri Samir Kumar Pandey, the Principal of Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.

Speaking in his Welcome Address, the Principal applauded the students' efforts and zeal in portraying their inherent talents. "Seeing is believing, but while getting Involved one understands and remembers"- Quoting this, he opined that the students would learn better and remember their learning experiences forever by participating in such exhibitions. "Change with the Changing times"-with this vision to make learning more effective, easier and interesting for the present day kids, the Smartboards have been set up, he added.

A Spectacular Science, Social Science and Maths Exhibition was organized, wherein most children participated enthusiastically to display their exclusive informative educational exhibits. It was intended to promote the comprehensive learning of students by engaging, exploring and empowering them with knowledge. A wide array of exhibits based on topics like landforms, rural and urban life, forests, public buildings, life styles of people, globe, solar system, famous historical monuments relating to Social Science were displayed. Science Working Models like vacuum cleaner, air cooler, electro plating, micro-phone, fire-alarm system, robots, water cycle, fountain, projector, solar power, and exhibits like structure of DNA, kaledioscope, sundial, air compressor, perpetual motion wheel, functioning of the different organs like the heart & lungs enthused the crowd. The Maths Exhibits related to Clinometer, Probability, chess game, 3D Models of Alphabets and other objects, finding areas of different shapes were appreciated by the onlookers. A great deal of enthusiasm was shown by children to demonstrate their creative talents, while the parents encouraged them by appreciating their sincere efforts. Speaking on the occasion, Dr S.N.Rao (Pro-Vice Chairman, LMC) expressed his pleasure about the commendable progress of the school in different aspects and hoped that it would scale new heights with the new initiatives and also stressed the need to inculcate reading habits in children so as to widen their perspective and achieve their vision.

The Chief Guest along with the other dignitaries released the Annual School Magazine- "Aurora Australis" (Silver Jubilee Edition). Complimenting the Principal, the teachers and the active participation of the young, creative minds in putting up the wonderful show, and the initiative of the school in technological advancement, the Chief Guest-Shri Prabir Ray Chaudhury (Director-Commercial) RINL, advised the students to dream big, think big and shape them into actions to achieve big with the guidance of the parents and teachers, an apt enviroment at school and the ample facilities provided for their prosperity.

First Runner-Up in CSI Wiz Kids 2017 Quiz on 28 January, 2017

All the six finalist teams were very evenly matched and played a close game right up to the nail-biting finish. DPS Team comprising of Suvigya Sharma- IX D, Archis Sahu-IX & J Rohan- IX D emerged as The First Runner-Up in the WIZKIS 2017 organised by Computer Society of India. They received a cash award of Rs 9000/- besides individual trophies and certificates.

Total Nine teams from our school participated in the quiz. Two teams were qualified for the finals.

Republic Day Celebrations on 26 January, 2017

Freedom in the mind, Strength in the words
Pureness in our blood, Pride in our souls,
Zeal in our hearts...
We bow to thee, Our Mother, Our Native land
And pledge ourselves...To strive our best for its prosperity and
To enrich & preserve our rich heritage, ethos and treasures!!!

A time for another Historical and Momentous Occasion -- India's 68th Republic Day was celebrated by the Delhi Public School Fraternity with great zeal and patriotic fervour with a mission to enlighten the children about the sanctity of the occasion- the Red-Letter Day when India was declared as a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular and Democratic Republic assuring its citizens of Justice, Equality and Liberty and also, endeavours to promote fraternity among them.

The flag was hoisted by Shri Samir Kumar Pandey-the Principal of the School while the National Anthem was sung to show utmost respect to the fluttering Tri-Coloured flag. Greeting the audience, he focused on Incredible India's grandeur and glories- India as a leader in Science and Technology, Arts, Warfare, Modern, Medical and Nuclear sciences, the land of Unity in diversity, the abode of Spiritual Texts, the birthplace for the art of navigation, the place for many inventions like the counting system, the zero, the pi-system, and many more… Quoting the famous line, "Ask not what the country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your Country", he urged the children to shoulder their responsibility towards their motherland in combating the current problems hindering the Nation's progress, help Mother India to scale new heights by excelling in their endeavours and carry the legacy forward and make this country, a beautiful place to live in unity and harmony.

The Inspirational speeches of the Teachers and the children in the four languages, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Telugu, were thought-provoking and captivated the audience. They were enlightened about the significance of the day, its traditional celebrations at Rajpath, New Delhi; the role of the Constitutional Makers with special reference to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as the architect of the Indian Constitution in building an Independent, Republic Nation and the sacrifices of the freedom fighters in achieving independence. The "Growing Leaders" were enthused to pledge themselves to uphold the honour and integrity of the country.

"Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake."
- these inspirational lines of Rabindranath Tagore were relevant till date, as a tool to ignite, inspire and arouse patriotic fervor to establish a dynamic nation. The children were enthused to imbibe core civilizational values of patritotism, compassion, tolerance for pluralism, respect for women, dedication, honesty, self-restraint in conduct, responsibility in action and discipline so as to be successful in every endeavour and build a Happy and Prosperous Nation.

The Children's recitation of the poems, "Jhanda Ooncha Rahe Hamara, Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara", by Shyamlal Gupta and its translation in English, the most popular poem in Telugu "Deshamuna Premichumanna" by the great poet Gurujada Appa Rao inspired the onlookers. The patriotic song, "Hum Jhanda Paharayengha, Mil Jhul Kar Gayeegha", reverberated the campus and filled the hearts with patriotic spirit. Dressed in tricolours of the flag, the children danced to the blend of melodious tunes of "Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram, Maa Tughe Salaam and Sare Jahan Se Achha" and mesmerized the audience. A skit focusing on "The Importance of the Republic Day" was yet an eye-opener to the present-day generation and sensitized them to attend such celebrations to show their love for the Motherland. The pride of being born as an Indian could be seen in every face while witnessing the spectacular programme as they were reminded about India's rich heritage and its glorious past.

Participated in the CBSE Heritage Quiz 2016 held at DAV Public School, Hyderabad on 24 January, 2017

Anshumaan Pandey- IX A, Suvigya Sharma- IX D & J Rohan- IX D participated in the CBSE Heritage Quiz, 2016 held at DAV Public School, Hyderabad. They emerged successful by qualifying as one of the 6 teams out of more than 100 teams for the Zonal round.

Medals for the 19th National Science Olympiad Achievers on 21 January, 2017

In the 19th National Science Olympiad (S O F ), 9 students bagged Silver medals, 9 students won Bronze Medals

The following students won School Topper Gold Medals-

S No.Name of StudentClass
1Rishab ManirajII A
2Priyanshu Pratik RoutIII A
3Aryaman ShawIV B
4Srijita RoyV B
5Asmit Kumar SahooVI A
6Praneeth KatoleVII A
7Somdutta PradhanVIII C
8Nishant SahooIX A
9Rishi SumanX A

The following students won the Zonal Gold Medal of Excellence-

S No.Name of StudentClass
1Sana SinghV B
2Swarup Kumar BhuyanVIII C
3Anurag PatilVIII C
4Anshumaan PandeyIX A
5Archis SahooIX A
6Rahul AryanIX A
7I A S HavishIX A
8Anshman PandaX A
9Ankit BiswasX A
10Ayaz SarwarX A
Medals & Certificates for the UCO-2016 Achievers on 18 January, 2017

The following students received Medals and certificate of Appreciation for their achievements in the UCO-2016 Exam conducted by Unified Council.

S No.Name of StudentClassAchievement
1Yashaswini PatnaikII AClass II Ranker
2Shivesh Sachin GavandareII BClass III Ranker
3P MadhavIII AClass III Ranker
4Swastik DasIII AClass II Ranker
5Arnav AnandIV AClass II Ranker
6Srijita RoyV C Class III Ranker
7Riddhima SumanV CClass II Ranker
8Asmit Kumar SahooVI AClass III Ranker
9S SubikshaaVI DClass II Ranker
10Anurag PatilVIII CClass II Ranker
Gift Vouchers for Book Readers on 18 January, 2017

On the basis of number of books issued and read in the library and on the observation of the librarian, the following students were awarded gift vouchers as a token of motivation and inspiration.

S No.Name of Student Class
1Sai ArunimaIX-B
2Amrita MitraIX-C
3Vani VasudhaIX-A
4Somdutta PradhanVIII-C
5R Lohit Sai VIII-D
6Aheli BasuVIII-D
9Aurojeet MishraVII-C
Pongal Celebrations on 6 January, 2017

Pongalo Pongal...Pongalo Pongal
As the winter bon-fires are lit, Ushering in Spring...
While the Sun God showers his warmth
Celebrating New Harvest...It is a Jubilation for four days
And of course, Salutation to the Glorious Sun God & the Nature!!!

Pongal, a harvest festival and an occasion for traditional thanks giving to Nature, was celebrated with great traditional fervor, enthusiasm and gaiety at Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant on 6 January, 2016. This was intended to familiarize and enlighten the children with the significance of the festival, the rich cultural traditions and rituals of India and inculcate values, so as to live in harmony with nature.

The Programme commenced with the Ceremonial Lighting of the Lamp by the Chief Guest – Dr S.N.Rao (ED-MM) RINL, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant and Pro-Vice Chairman–LMC Delhi Public School; the Esteemed LMC Members of the School, Shri B.B.R.Vardhanam (D.G.M.-Training) RINL, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Shri S.V.Rambabu (D.G.M-F&A) RINL, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, and Shri Samir Kumar Pandey, the Principal of Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. The Members of the Parents' Association and the Participants' Parents also graced the auspicious occasion.

Greeting the audience in his Welcome Address, the Principal of the School, spoke about the significance of "Makar Sankranti" and its traditional celebrations especially, in the villages. He added that we should turn away from the darkness of delusion in which we live and begin to enjoy a new life with bright light within us to shine brighter with the blessings of Sun God, a symbol of Divinity and Wisdom.

The rural settings of Bhogi Mantalu (the Bon-fire), Gobbemallu, the pot of Pongal boiling over, the sugarcane stems, the rangoli patterns, children depicting the typical characters seen during this festive season; Haridasu singing tunes in praise of Lord Vishnu, Basavanna (the decorated bull), the uniquely attired alm-seekers and the children dressed in traditional attires as a part of the festivities, reflected a perfect rural atmosphere in the School Premises. The Bon-fire song, "Gobbiyallo, Gobbiyallo" indeed added charm as the little ones danced rhythmically to the folk tunes.

Please visit the Photo Gallery for the events Photos.

Inter-House Group Dance Competition on 6 January, 2017

The Inter-House Group Dance Competition based on the concept, "Pongal Fest," was indeed a feast to the eyes of the audience. The dances portrayed the Harvest Festival Celebrations in myriad cultural forms, though known by various names in different parts of India. The Chenab House highlighted the Pongal of Tamil Nadu, the Ganges House presented the Lohri of Punjab, the Jhelum House showcased the Uttarayan of Maharashtra and the Krishna House focused on Makar Sankranthi of Andhra Pradesh. Mrs Chitra Bhaskar, Mrs Niharika Singh and Mr V.S.R. Kiran were the eminent judges for the event.

Speaking on the occasion, the Pro-Vice Chairman-Dr S. N. Rao, applauded the efforts of the DPS Fraternity in organizing the event and encouraging children to unravel their innate talents. Congratulating the participants, the Judges opined that Delhi Public School has always been unique and such celebrations would add to the zeal and vigour of life, thus breaking the drudge of daily life. Expressing immense happiness on the cultural activities being conducted, the parents said that such programmes would create social and cultural awareness among the children.

The Proud Winners of the Inter-House Group Dance Competition also walked away with their certificates and ever lasting memories.

Please visit the Photo Gallery for the events Photos.

CBSE Certificates of Merit to 33 DIPSITES

"CBSE Certificates of Merit" were awarded to 33 students of Class X (Achievers of CGPA) for their exemplary academic performance in the All India Secondary School Examination for the academic year 2015-16, as the audience cheered them with claps.

Please visit the Photo Gallery for the events Photos.

The Interact Club was formally installed by the Rotary club on 30 December, 2016

The Interact Club was formally installed by the Rotary Club, Visakhapatnam Central. Rotarian President Bharati Shobha inducted the student Interacters for the year 2016-17. Other dignitaries present on the occasion were Mr Rajgopal Reddy, Rotary Club Installing officer and Mrs Usha Reddy, Interact Director. The students were enriched with a talk on the spirit of social service by the Rotarians.

Story-Telling Competition for Class I & II Children held on 24 December, 2016

The stories woven in passion,
Based on fantasy or ideals
Narrated in different tones...
Wide- eyed and wonder-struck…Enhancing interest...
Capturing the listeners' attention and fascination
Yet, it is another Learning Experience for the Story-Teller.

A "Story-Telling Competition" was organized for the Tiny-Tots of Classes I and II at Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant with an intention to revive the ancient tradition of story-telling and to develop this great art, right from the formative years. Stories are considered to be powerful tools of teaching ethics and are considered to be a part of every culture.

About 35 children participated enthusiastically in the competition trying to do their best and create their own unique identities. The children narrated interesting stories clearly, fluently and confidently with vivid facial expressions, expressive body language and gestures....unravelling their innate talents using different techniques, props like puppets, pictures, dolls, placards and creativity; thus making their stories seem more realistic and effective. The audience was entertained with popular stories of varied themes, ethics and interests…some from Aesop's Fables, Folk Tales, Panchatantra. They are indeed powerful tools in imparting values and morals, that people should live by.

The stories revolved round some good thoughts such as, "Helping others, Love and Devotion to parents, Honesty, Future Planning, Cleanliness, Importance of Trees, Significance of Family Bonding, Strength of Wisdom, Slow and Steady wins the race, obedience, Unity, Helping others, Hard work, and the Ill-Effects of Anger, Greediness, Laziness," which made the engrossed audience, think in ways which they would have never thought before. The competition enabled the Tiny-Tots to enhance their Communicative Skills while boosting their morale.

Congratulating the awardees, the participants and the sincere efforts of the parents on the occasion, Shri Samir Kumar Pandey- the Principal of the School, opined that those who tell stories rule the world. He added, "Children should be encouraged to learn the Art of Story-Telling, for it helps to understand other people, develop a positive attitude towards reading books, develop listening skills, build correct concept of objects, form new ideas, improve vocabulary and fluency of language so as to express themselves better in their future endeavors. Children would learn better and memorise better as they use their world of imagination while narrating or listening to stories."

Mrs Reji Wilson (presently Andhra Pradesh State Government nominated member of Permanent Lok Adalat for Pubic Utility Services); Mrs Indrani Majhi (Principal, Jyothi Bal Vihar, Sector-V) and Mrs Urba Sarkar (English Teacher, De Paul School) were the Judges for the event. Speaking on the occasion, the Judges applauded and complimented the parents' initiative, the teachers' training and the children's efforts for putting up such a stupendous performance. Appreciating the schools' initiative in conducting such competitions, they said, such competitions would enable the all-round development of the child. The programme came to an end with the distribution of certificates to the awardees.

Medals in the 16th National Cyber Olympiad (S O F)

In the 16th National Cyber Olympiad (S O F), 8 students bagged Silver Medals, 8 students won Bronze Medals

The following students won School Topper Gold Medals

S NoNameClass
1NavanyaII A
2Soham Swaroop BeheraIII C
3Ishani PriyadarshiniIV C
4Sana SinghV A
5Asmit Kumar SahooVI A
6Aaron BinuVII B
7Sujal Kumar KarVIII D
8Anshuman pandeyIX A
9Ankit BiswasX A

The following students won the Zonal Gold Medal of Excellence

S noNameClass
1Arnav AnandIV A
2Deeptanshu SahooVI C
3S SubikshaaVI D
4K Sri ChakriVI D
5Ambarish BeheraVI D
6Praneet KatoleVII A
7Suvigya SharmaIX D
8Archis SahuIX A
9Peeyush yadavX B
10Krishanu rayX B
11M P S PrasanthX C
12Nishant Kumar RaiX C
Lucky Prize in the Online Quiz Contest

Anurag Patil, VIII C, bagged the Get Lucky Prize in the Online Quiz Contest conducted by Young World, The Hindu.

District Chess Tournament Positions

In the District Chess Tournament conducted by Sri Sarada Vidyanilayam, Visakhapatnam

B Abhinay (VI C) bagged the II position (Under 11 category)

Kooharan Halder (VI A) secured the 5th position (Under 13 Category)

Christmas Celebrations held on 23 December, 2016

As Children's Carols brighten the spirits
And the Christmas Bells ring reminding us of the Christmas Eve
Ushering in the season of joy and hope
It’s time to live for others...
time to give and forgive, a time to share and care

"Christmas"- An Annual festival which falls on 25 December was celebrated in all its grandeur on 23 December, 2016 at Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. It commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, who is also called as "Messiah" or "The Saviour of the world". The true spirit of Christmas was seen in all its gaiety, with the erection of the Christmas Tree decorated symbolically and the children dressed as Santa Claus, Angels and the Fir tree.

The assembly started off with the reading of the sermons from the Bible, which preach virtues for the prosperity of mankind. The students were enlightened with the significance of Christmas-how a new era of life dawned for the world when Jesus Christ was born, to transform the lives of people. They also highlighted about the symbolic importance of the Christmas which include the Evergreen Christmas Tree, the Bright Star of Bethlehem, Balls and bells; Candle Lights, Angels, Santa Claus, The Three Wise Men and the Nativity Set.

A melodious Christmas Carol, "Deck the Halls" sung on this special occasion enthralled the audience. A Christmas Ballet dance, "Angels we have heard on high," wherein the angels announce "the Birth Of Lord Jesus Christ- The Son of God", "The Tree Dances" rejoicing the memorable occasion and the dance to the beats of the famous Christmas Carol, "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way," were really so mesmerizing. A Special Awareness Quiz on "Christmas" was conducted wherein the students participated actively.

Greeting the audience on this Special Occasion, Shri Samir Kumar Pandey- The Principal of the School, said that the Spirit of the Christmas brings Peace, its Gladness gives Hope and its warmth grants Love. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...," advising the students, he said, "We could please God by what we do and not only what we believe and therefore, seek God's will so that he will show us the right path."

Participated in the Maths Model Making Exhibition on 22 December, 2016

Swaroop Kumar(VIII D), Suvigya Sharma(IX D), Pulkit Sharma(X B) participated in the Maths Model Making Exhibition organized by Ramanath Secondary School, Visakhapatnam.

Gold Medals for their excellent performance in Hindi Exam on 19 December, 2016

Mahatma Gandhi Rashtrabhasha Hindi Prachar Sanstha conducted Hindi Exam (level -1) in which the following students were awarded Gold Medals for their excellent performance

S NoNameClass/Sec
1DikshitaIII B
2Anwesha BhoiIV D
3K DeepakV B
4SrishtiV C
5Chanchal YadavVI B
6Manya SinghVI B
7Geetik MahithaVII C
8Jeetendra Kumar YadavVII B
9Mouniska PrashantVIII A
10Sejaj LoutarayIX D
11Suhai KhandelwalIX D
12B BhanuX C
13Aniket PanigrahiX C

A Joshita, IX B was awarded the first Consolation Prize

Prizes won in District Level Gita Chanting Competition on 19 December, 2016

In the District Level Gita Chanting Competition conducted by Chinmaya Mission

R Sai Sankalp, VII A bagged the II prize

A Joshita, IX B was awarded the first Consolation Prize

20 Students Qulafied for NCO 2nd Level
S.NoRoll NoName of the StudentRankClass
1AP0089-04-A-004Arnav Anand1244
2AP0089-05-A-001Sana Singh2735
3AP0089-05-B-022Utkarsa Roshan Gupta3305
4AP0089-05-C-034Srijita Roy2985
6AP0089-06-A-016Asmit Kumar Sahoo5646
7AP0089-06-A-032Deepanshu D.Sahoo506
8AP0089-06-D-051K.Sri Chakri2906
9AP0089-06-D-054Priyanka Nanda6486
11AP0089-06-D-063Ambarish Behra4096
12AP0089-07-A-002Praneeth Katole1067
13AP0089-08-D-050Sujal Kumar Kar3818
14AP0089-09-A-007Anshuman Pandey3439
15AP0089-09-A-009Arehis Sahu1779
16AP0089-09-D-044Suvigya Sarma689
17AP0089-10-B-007Krishasnu Ray26210
18AP0089-10-B-009Peeyush Yadav25010
19AP0089-10-C-011Nishant Kumar Rai19910
III Prize in the Group Song Competitionheld on 5 December, 2016

The following students bagged III Prize in the Group Song Competition conducted by Arunodaya School.

Reetam Dey VII D, Saptarshi Mandal VII D, Sashank Surya VII C, Y Veda Sambhavi VII C, Kamaneeya VII B, Preethika VII B.

Gold Medal in District Karate Championship held on 2 December, 2016

In the District Karate Championship held at Swarna Bharathi Indoor Stadium B Shvojas Aditya (VI D) won Gold Medal (Kata) & Bronze Medal (Kumite)

B Shreya Anjali (VI C) bagged Bronze Medal (Kata) & Silver Medal (Kumite)

Sanskara Bharathi District Level Painting Championship held on 2 December, 2016

Sanskara Bharathi, an All India Organisation dedicated to promote culture through Fine Arts, conducted a Painting Competition. The following students are the Branch Level Winners and they qualify for the District Level Competition.

P HemaChandraIX CI
Prarthana MandalVIIIII
M RishiVI CConsolation
N S K VamsiVIII BConsolation
G AnnapurnaVIIIConsolation
First Runner Up in Elocution Competition held on 1 December, 2016

On the occasion of World Aids Day, 15 students of classes IX & X participated in an Awareness Rally initiated by Visakha Steel General Hospital, VSP. This was followed by an Elocution competition in which Akash Dutta, X A was adjudged as first Runner Up.

District Under 14 Cricket Team Member

Ch V Harsha, IX B was the member of the Vizag District Under 14 Cricket team which won over Anantpur District Under 14 Cricket team.

School India Art Competition

School India Art (Chennai) conducted an Art Competition in which the following students won prizes-

NameClassPrize/ Medal
A Harika ReddyIII CBronze Medal
Aditya KhapardeII BBronze Medal
G AkhilVI ABronze Medal
G PragathiV ABronze Medal
Krushnai ChincholkarI BSilver Medal
M Vanij VermaII ASilver Medal
Manasvi ChincholkarVI BIII
P Mohan SaiIV ASilver Medal
Punya Prateek DasIII AConsolation
S PraneethaII ASilver Medal
Shristi SekharII CIII
SribhuI DConsolation
SrishtiV DSilver medal
V Vani VasudhaIX ABronze Medal
Fancy Dress Competition for Class I & II Children held on 19 November, 2016

On the wings of fantasy...
Learning is a fun-filled activity
As opportunity knocks the door
And the talents are unraveled...
Can success and happiness be far behind?

As a part of the Children's Day Celebrations, a spectacular "Fancy Dress Competition" was conducted for the Tiny-Tots of Classes I and II at Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. It was a much-awaited event for the onlookers, as the little ones walked around dressed in vibrant costumes with innocent smiles.

The programme started with the Ceremonial Lighting of the lamp with the chanting of the Sanskrit Slokas. The Classical Solo Dance "Ganesh Vandana" and the Bangla Folk Dance written by Guru Rabindranath Tagore, depicting the courage of human beings while overcoming the hardships after facing the Fury of Nature, performed by II standard kids were indeed mesmerizing and added flavour to the show. The children of Class I entertained the audience with an English song, "We, the DIPSITES..."

About 60 children participated in the Fancy Dress Competition and it was a feast to the eyes as they walked onto the stage in their gorgeous times, stumbling and stuttering... but spoke with confidence and each one competed enthusiastically and tried to do their best, as the audience cheered them. It was indeed a learning experience and an apt platform for the little children to explore their hidden talents. Children dressed as Great Legends like Swami Vivekananda, Dr Abdul Kalam, Alluri Sita Rama Raju; Mythological Characters like Hanuman; and cartoon characters like Spiderman, Batman allured the audience. Beti Bachao, Child Labour, Swachchh Bharat, Donate blood, Save Water, Save Earth and the latest Currency Note were really innovative and in fact, were inspiring themes to ponder upon.

Greeting the audience on the occasion, Shri Samir Kumar Pandey- the Principal of the School, opined that children should be encouraged to participate in competitions as these would enhance their enthusiasm, build up the morale and improve their social and communication skills. "Participation is important, not winning"-as they inculcate values in their lives and create awareness about the social happenings going around. He added that such fun-filled experiences in the childhood, the prime time of life, would be etched in their memories forever.

The Esteemed Members of the Visteel Mahila Samithi-Mrs Ratna Ray Choudary (Vice-President), Mrs Kavya (Secretary) and Mrs Renuka (Joint- Treasurer) were invited as the judges for the programme. The Judges applauded and appreciated the parents' encouragement and children's efforts for putting up such a stupendous performance. The parents' expressed their delight at the organization of such programme and expressed that they were reminded about their childhood days. The programme came to an end with the distribution of certificates to the winners.

Please visit the Photo Gallery for the events Photos.


Children are like buds in a garden
And should be carefully and lovingly nurtured
As they are the future citizens of the Nation
And the citizens of tomorrow...
-Jawaharlal Nehru.

Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant wore a festive look as the young children watched the Special Assembly with beaming smiles that was organised to celebrate Children's Day-the birthday of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the First Prime Minister of Independent India...who loved children and roses. It's a day to show love and affection to every child and a day to show tributes to the great legend.

The Morning Assembly began with the prayer song, followed by the topic related to the life history of "Chacha Nehru", his sacrifices, ideals and role to make India, a strong Nation. A melodious song was sung about childhood wherein the children inspired by the great legends like Gandhi, Nehru take an oath to lead a life of peace and harmony (Vasudhaika Kutumbham) treading on the path of honesty, truth and non-violence...was indeed, thought-provoking and stole the hearts of the young audience. "Patriotism should come from within, but cannot be bought with money" -Based on this concept, a comedy skit was performed which left the audience in peals of laughter. A spectacular dance was also performed where Nehru's life was portrayed.

Greeting the children, Shri Samir Kumar Pandey-the Principal opined that Childhood is all about innocence, playfulness, joy and freedom and as such, it is the most beautiful of all seasons. He added that it is the best time to mould one's life and, memories of that period are timeless treasures of the heart. He also added that it is like a mirror, which reflects in the latter life, the images created by it. "Experience is the best teacher" -Quoting this and citing anecdotes from great people's lives, he said that with a positive attitude, sincere efforts and guidance from elders and parents, the children.... as the future citizens and builders of Nation could lead the Nation on to the path of prosperity.

The programme ended with the prize distribution to the children who won prizes in various sports and co-curricular competitions conducted by the Life Insurance Corporation, the Vigilance Department (VSP) and the Inter-House competitions held at school. The children and the teachers took an active part in the various games competitions that were held on this occasion.


The Word is the Guru, The Guru is the Word
For all Nectar is enshrined in the World
Blessed is the word which reveals the Lord's Name
But more is the one who knows by the God's Grace
- Guru Nanak

With a mission to promote National Integration and Communal Harmony, a Special Assembly was organised at Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant to celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanthi which is also known as Gurpurab (festival of the Gurus). It commemorates the birthof Guru Nanak Ji, the first Sikh Guru and the founder of Sikhism.

The assembly started with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, followed by a wonderful thought and topict on "Humanity". The students were also enlightened with the significance of Gurupurab, the various rituals associated with it and the life & and spiritual preachings of Guru Nanak related to peace, harmony and righteousness. The thoughts of Guru Nanak quoted on this occasion.
"All religions lead us to a Universal God, God is one but he has innumerable forms, He who has no faith in himself can never have faith in God,"
were indeed insipiring.

The Shabad Kirtans (Sacred Hymn selected from Sikhism's scripture- Guru Granth Sahib) sung by the children dressed in the traditional attire of Sikhs, were so enchanting and created a pious atmosphere in the school premises. A skit based on an "Anecdote of Guru Nanak Ji's childhood" was presented wherein his mystic disposition, his concern for the poor and the needy and his selfless service were portrayed.

Conveying his best wishes on the occasion, Shri Samir Kumar Pandey- The Principal of the School, emphasized the need for religious tolerance, the need to read Holy Books and reminded the fact that-One becomes great not because of his wealth and position, but because of his "Service to Humanity". He also added that Guru Nanak's teachings...
Vand Chakko (Sharing with others esp. the needy);
Kirat Karo (earning a living honestly) and
Naam Japan (Chanting the holy name and remembering God at all times)
were essential to transform ourselves and the society, so as to lead better and peaceful life. A sense of tranquillity engulfed the air on this special occasion.

An informative and interactive session for parents of Class X students on 9 November, 2016

An informative and interactive session for parents of class X students on the various career options was organized in the school. Mr J V Murty from TIME and Mr Alok Agarwal of Sri Venkateswara Coaching classes were the guest speakers.

Career oriented courses for Class X students on 8 November, 2016

Class X students were oriented on the courses & career options open for them by Mr J V Murty, director of TIME.

Club Level Winner on 7 November, 2016

In the Lions International Peace poster Contest, Prarthana Mandal-VII D was declared Club Level winner. Her entry will be sent to Lions District Governor for District level (Stage II) judging.

Runners Up in Bharat Ko Jano Quiz on 6 November, 2016

M.Sashank Soorya of Class VII-C and Sailesh Patra of Class VII-C won Runners up prize in Bharat Ko Jano Quiz conducted by Bharat Vikas Parishad and Lions Club Gajuwaka circle on 6th November, 2016

Budding Artists selected to Sate Level Art Competition on 1 November, 2016

V Vani Vasudha - IX A and Ch Jaideep Sai Tarun - VII B were selected to Sate Level Art Competition on Energy Conservation by NTPC to be held on 9th November, 2016 in Secunderabad.


As light dispels darkness and exposes all things hidden..
This "Diwali" is yet another time for celebration..
A time to ponder, sensitize and enlighten..
It's time to set an example to celebrate a Pollution-free Diwali.

A Special Assembly was organised on the occasion of "Diwali-The festival of Lights", at Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant on 28th October, 2016. The mission was to enlighten the children about the hazards, that the boisterous celebrations of Diwali pose to the environment and sensitize them towards celebrating an "Environmentally Safe Diwali."

The festive occasion began with a prayer song invoking God's blessings. The significance of the festival, the traditional celebrations and the mythological stories associated with Diwali- Ram's return to Ayodhya, Pandavas return to their kingdom after thirteen years of exile, Narkasur being killed by Satyabhama with the help of Lord Krishna and the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi- were highlighted, as a part of the programme. The song sung by the school choir, "Aayee hai Diwali ... Laayi hai sabh ki khushi...," brought the essence of the festival-celebration of life, goodness, knowledge and hope. Children dressed in colourful traditional attires, showcased the true spirit of Diwali as they danced to the pleasant musical rhythms. Children were also highlighted about the safety measures to be taken to have a "Safe Diwali". The children's excitement and enthusiasm was aroused with the questions based on, "The Hindu Epic- The Ramayana."

Greeting the DPS Fraternity on the occasion, Shri Samir Kumar Pandey- the Principal of the School, emphasized the need to reinterpret the rituals and traditions to become more sensitive to Nature. Keeping in mind the fragile state of the earth and also the less privileged, he wished that Diwali celebrations should reflect our ethos, our culture, our tradition and our way of life.

Around 460 children of Classes VI, VII and VIII divided into three different groups, took an initiative to go on an "Anti-Cracker Rally". They went around the various sectors of Ukkunagaram and tried to create an awareness among its residents, about the ill-effects of bursting crackers. They carried colourful placards and raised slogans like, "Say No to Crackers, Yes to Life" to cultivate a sense of duty and belongingness towards the society and better their lives and the lives of others; thus aspiring for a "Green Future". It was indeed a fruitful campaign and an eye-opener to many of the onlookers, who passed by and expressed their willingness to celebrate a "Noiseless and Pollution-Free Diwali".

First Runners Up prize in City Level Bournvita Quiz

Five teams viz, Sailesh Patra(VII ) Anshul Kumar Singh (VIII) ; Swarup Kumar Bhuyan( VIII) Anurag patil (VIII); Akshat Kumar (VII) Aurojeet Misra (VII); Aaron Binu (VII) A Sridhar; M Sashank Soorya( VII) B Abhinay (VII) participated in the City Level Bournvita Quiz.

The team of Aaron Binu & A Sridhar bagged the First Runners Up prize.

16th National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)

125 students of Classes II- X participated in the 16th National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) on 13-10-2016.

Cricket Under-12 Probable

Utkarsh Sagar of VII-A has been selected as the Under-12 Probable by the Visakhapatnam District Cricket Association.

DPS Children won prizes at Hindi Diwas Competitions

On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (Hindi Dept.) conducted Hindi Story Writing & Elocution Competition for students of Schools in & around Steel Township. The following students bagged prizes:

1. Yash Aanand of VIII-D won Third Prize in Juniors Story Writing competition.
2. Aditya Narayan of X-B won First Prize in Seniors Story Writing competition.
3. Jai Maheshwari of VII-D won Third Prize in Juniors Elocution competition.
4. Sunidhi Kumari of X-C won Third Prize in Seniors Elocution

Gold Medal in Abacus

The following students received prizes in Abacus:
Gold Medal : Srihari of II-B, Y.Shanthan of VI-D and Varshneyu Das of VI-C
Silver Medal: K.Sri Chakri of VI-D, B.S.Aditya of VI-D
Bronze Medal: Akashdeep Maity of VI-D

Avishkar Quiz, 21-Sep-2016

"Nurture the dream...
Work for it with Zeal, Love and Creativity
Along with the effective use of Technology
And the Potential is unravelled."

The Central Board of Secondary Education has conducted the Avishkar Quiz competitionforthe school children studying in the schools affiliated to it. This aims to promote creativity and innovative spirit amongst school children in the area of Science, Mathematics and Technology and encourage those, who show an inclination and talent for these subjects to heights of academic excellence and research.

Anshuman Panda of Class X has brought laurels to Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant as one of the Top Ten Scorers under the Secondary Category (IX-XII Classes) in the second series of the Avishkar Online Quiz conducted in August, 2016. He has qualified for the National Level.Anshuman Panda has not only been an ardent quizzer but also proficient in academics. His consistent hard-work and keen interest have contributed to his success. Time and again, he has brought accolades to himself and the school.

Management and Principal of the School congratulated him on his outstanding achievement and conveyed their best wishes for the final round.Such relentless stories of success, indeed, bring honours to the institution.


CBSE Centre of Excellence for Teachers, Kakinada has initiated CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME a 2 day workshop for teaches on Scholastic Aspects of CCE at Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant on 30.07.2016 & 31.07.2016 . The Resource Persons - Dr.C.V.Narasimham, Principal, Ramnath Secondary School and Smt.Vandana Abraham, Principal, Timpany Sr.Secondary School have conducted the workshop for 43 teachers of the school and Sri.N.V.R.Suryanarayana, Principal I/C., DPS organized the total programme for 2 days. The workshop enabled the teachers to enrich and reinforce their knowledge so that in-turn they will be able to contribute to the holistic development of the children. It was very interesting and very informative. The workshop focused on the scholastic aspects of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation.


The Investiture Ceremony for the academic year 2016-17, held on Wednesday, 27th July was organized with all its grandeur.
After the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, the School Choir presented an inspirational song to boost the morale of the newly appointed Supreme Council Members to strive for excellence and work with dedication. Congratulating the New Supreme Council Members on this special occasion, the Principal I/C Mr.N.V.R.Suryanarayana, in his Welcome Address, enthused the 'Young Leaders' to be simple, innovative, unbiased, trustworthy and inspire others as they work with a vision and commitment.
Dressed in Green Blazers, a Slow March Past by the Supreme Council Members to the rhythmic beat of the CISF band was indeed spectacular. The Chief Guest, Mr. Jacob Kispotta, (Senior Commandant, CISF Unit, VSP) administered the oath of office to the new President who in turn administered the formal pledge to the other members. The prestigious badges were conferred on the office-bearers by the Chief Guest and the Principal as the proud parents and the students cheered them.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Jacob Kispotta, congratulated the badge holders. Citing examples from the lives of great men like Gandhiji, he encouraged the students to shoulder their responsibilities and added that it is the collective effort of the 'Torch Bearers' and the School Collective in upholding the values and traditions of the school so as to be cherished as 'Role-models'.

Plantation Day, 27-Jul-2016

"Plant hope, Plant future ... Plant a tree, for a better life," - With this vision, the children of DPS have also taken an initiative of planting flowering and fruit yielding saplings in the campus, as a part of the "Plantation Day" programme.

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