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Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly is conducted by one particular class for the whole week. It is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Mondays and Wednesdays it is held in English and on Fridays in Telugu / Hindi / Sanskrit. The Morning Assembly begins with 'Vande Mataram' and is followed by prayers then mass PT, Patriotic Song, Scripture, Reading News, Speeches, Recitation of Poetry, few creative demonsrtrations and ends with the 'National Anthem'. This provides the school with an excellent opportunity to develop the overall personality of the students and it helps them to shed-off their stage fear.


The school has various awards for the students in different categories:

  1. Academics:
    1. Scholar Certificate for the Students (I - XII) :- A1 Grade in all the core subjects and Minimum A2 Grade in computer science and III Language wherever applicable.
    2. Scholar Badge for the Students (I - V) :- Students receiving scholar certificate for 5 consecutive years (I to V) would be eligible for the Scholar Badge at the end of Class V.
    3. Scholar Badge for the Students (VI - VIII) :- Students receiving scholar certificate for 3 consecutive years (VI to VIII) would be eligible for the Scholar Badge at the end of Class VIII.
    4. Scholar Tie for the Students (I - VIII) :- At the end of VIII standard for 8 consecutive years with 8 scholar certificates.
  2. Sports: Cups / Trophies / Medals & Certificates.
  3. C.C.A. and Special Appreciation Certificates: Books / Rolling Trophy
  4. Best Student-Teacher / Organiser on Teacher's Day.
  5. Best Class of the Month: Rolling Trophy.
  6. Certificates for Supreme Council Members.
  7. Best House Rolling Trophy ( Academics + Sports + CCA )

1. Issue of YELLOW card in an academic year for the following reasons.

  • Three late comings to school
  • Use of abusive language
  • Unruly & indisciplined behaviour in class
  • Pilfering, forging signatures
2. Issue of GREY card
  • Three Yellow cards issued to a student in one academic year.
  • Damage to school property
  • Physically hurting or injuring fellow mates
3. Issue of RED card
  • Three Grey cards issued to a student in his entire tenure at school
  • Use of vulgar language (oral or written)
  • If a student is issued a RED card, it amounts to issuing of T.C.

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