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Delhi Public School Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

Inter House Competitions for 2017-18

Delhi Public School Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

Class III to Class XII

Sl. No.Name of the CompetitionDateDayGroup-AGroup-BGroup-CGroup-D
(III & IV)(V & VI)(VII & VIII)(IX to XII)
1.Calligraphy (H/E/T)20-04-2017Thursday
2.Art / Collage27-04-2017Thursday
3.Story Writing (H/E/T)04-05-2017Thursday
4.Hindi Extempore05-07-2017Wednesday
5.Solo Song (Jr)15-07-2017Saturday
6.Group Song (Sr)15-07-2017Saturday
7.Essay Writing (H/E/T)11-08-2017Friday
8.English Speech23-08-2017Wednesday
9.English Debate23-08-2017Wednesday
10.Solo Dance (Jr)29-08-2017Tuesday
11.Pupil Teacher05-09-2017Tuesday
12.English Extempore16-09-2017Saturday
13.Hindi Speech27-10-2017Friday
14.Hindi Debate27-10-2017Friday
15.Slogan Writing (H/E/T)03-11-2017Friday
16.Fancy Dress14-11-2017Tuesday
17.Group Song (Jr)01-12-2017Friday
18.Solo Song (Sr)01-12-2017Friday
19.Hindi Kavita Path16-12-2017Saturday
22.Rangoli Making10-01-2018Wednesday
23.Group Dance (Sr)24-01-2018Wednesday
1. Art Competition - Group-A Crayons, Group-B Water Colours, Group-C Pencil Sketch, Group-D Collage
2. A student can participate in maximum three individual competitions.

Inter Class Competitions for 2017-18

Delhi Public School Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

Nursery to Class II

Sl. No.Name of the CompetitionDateDayNurseryPrepClass I & II
1(a).Colouring the Picture28-04-2017Friday
1(b).Colouring the Picture20-07-2017Friday
2.Poem Reciting (Hindi)18-08-2017Friday
3.Poem Reciting (English)31-08-2017Thursday
4.Fancy Dress14-11-2017Tuesday
5.Story Telling (Hindi)08-12-2017Friday
6.Story Telling (English)23-12-2017Saturday
8.Mini Sports DayTo be notifiedTo be notified