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Delhi Public School Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

Principal's Message

Children - Lamps Waiting to be lit

Light is grace, light is knowledge, light is illumining and light is truth. It is human nature to seek light and to us at DPS, our students are the southern lights, each a candle waiting to be lit. And once lit, they have an infinite capacity to glitter, sparkle and charm the world with their wonderful glow.

On introspection, one can draw a startling parallel between the Aurora and the students who are in our care.Both are absolutely magnificent, incredible and have a beauty and spontaneity that can enthuse the dullest of spirits with the joy of life and the excitement of living.The light of knowledge when kindled in kids can stimulate wonders, foster courage and encourage greatness. Each child has a hidden light and once kindled, it will shine with extraordinary brilliance.

The teaching fraternity is bestowed with this sacred task of being the guiding lights. Mentors and educators ought to don the garb of the 'Kindly Light' that leads all amidst encircling gloom.'Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya' - it is in the 'temples of learning' that students are led from the darkness of ignorance to the light of Knowledge, wisdom or 'gnana'.Children in turn need to have faith and trust in their tecahers for 'in faith' there is enough light for those who want to believe.

To conclude DPS Visakhapatnam Steel Plant emerges as the veritable southern light. The school has already made a mark for itself - be it in academics, extracurricular activities, competitive exams or inter school competitions. Our fervent hope is that all Dipsites emerge as shining and glittering lights that brighten the DPS firmament. May each child's reach "exceed his grasp" and then 'such harmonious melodies from his lips would flow, that the world would listen..............'